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  • Informational resource to ensure the integrity and reliability of the plant air system.
  • Sequence Master Network upgrades and compressor interface connections for old ConservAIR® units.
  • Point of use regulators and high efficiency blow off devices.
  • Flow measurement services to include charting and analysis.
  • SCADAR™ Energy Assessments with simplified compressed air analytics using advanced software and a Cloud Computer Platform.
  • User assist on-site data logging and system evaluations.
  • Ultrasound 80/20 Seek and Repair services to address the 20% of the leaks causing 80% of the leak loss.
  • Table generated from decibel measured sound power is converted to estimated scfm with associated costs and CO2  emission avoidance.
  • System Master Controls to network all brands of compressors and types of controls to include VSD and Variable Displacement.
  • Visualization program for remote monitoring and on-going data recording to a PC for trending and analysis.
  • Demand stabilizing Pressure/Flow Controllers to maintain the optimum energy balance between the supply and demand under all operating conditions.

ConservAIR®: Phillips Electric Machinery Co. (a.k.a PEMCO Services) was a cofounder of ConservAIR Technologies®. Today it is an informational resource for the applied technologies and historical products offered by ConservAIR® since its inception in 1987. Anyone with questions or concerns about ConservAIR® can contact PEMCO Services for assistance in finding where to get answers and to learn about available solutions.

Energy Assessments: SCADAR™ compressed air analytics made easy. Advanced hardware, software, and cloud computing solutions assess the performance of the compressed air system and provide a results oriented report to use as a guide for implementing performance improvements. True costs based upon real measurements allow management to evaluate the available energy efficiency measures and prioritize them based upon potential savings.

The 80/20 Seek and Repair Leak Management Program.

Leakage Control:The 80/20 Seek and Repair Leak Management Program targets the 20% of the leaks causing 80% of the leak loss. Using advanced Ultrasound Noise Detection technology leaks are identified and repaired. The Leak List Table shows the estimated leak loss in scfm, kW conversion, cost, and CO2 emission avoidance for each individual leak. Values are totalized for the whole system. The Program trends the downward leak rate until an economically viable acceptable level is achieved. Leak prevention and controls are put in place to maintain the reduced rate throughout the future. Training of in-house personnel is available.

Metacentre SX: Control of compressor systems with different size fixed speed, VFD and/or variable displacement compressors
For More Information on Metacentre System Master Controls click here.

Master Controls: Network all brands of compressors and all control types into a single master control system to automatically sequence in the most energy efficient manner. Take maximum advantage of the part load performance capabilities provided by highly efficient VSD and Variable Displacement compressors. Integrate multiple compressors rooms to operate as a single network using System Master Control. Visualization programs for remote monitoring and performance verification interface with System Master Control for data recording and an on-going analysis of the operation.